Arden Botanical Village will marry natural and
man-made elements to create a living space that
presents an image of serenity and radiance.
It creates a conducive space for the residents’
well-being through thoughtful and
purposeful design.

Megaworld’s High-End Residential Lots.

The village will be master planned by an internationally renowned landscape architect to highlight the greenscape surrounding the development. Instead of building through the natural features that thrive in the estate, we will build around it.

Wellness in every scale. 

Arden Botanical Village feature is designed with
one’s overall wellness in mind. Preservation of life in every feature. A place that guarantees one to have a longer, better life ahead.

Arden Botanical Village

Arden Botanical Village Landscape Architect

Paulo Alcazaren

Paulo G. Alcazaren

PGAA Creative Design

Alcazaren has over three decades of experience as a design consultant. His work over this period has garnered him several design awards from the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, the Kuala Lumpur City Council and the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects.

He is a registered and licensed environmental planner and landscape architect. His professional affiliations are with the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP), as member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the American Society of Campus and University Planners (SCUP), as honorary fellow of the Philippine Institute of Architects (PIA) and as fellow and past president of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA).

You can visit also his website to check out more of his work –

Arden Botanical Village Site Location

Why Cavite? Megaworld in the South.

Cavite is one of the fastest growing provinces in the South. It is situated in close proximity to Metro Manila, and surrounded by Laguna to the east and Batangas to the south. With the influence of the metropolis, combined with its unique picturesque landscape and natural resources, Cavite is envisioned to become one of the next economic powerhouses in the countryside.
As Megaworld’s first collaboration with GERI, Arden Botanical Estate is another innovative vision that is developed for sustaining and enriching the natural beauty of Cavite. With Arden Botanical Estate, Megaworld solidifies its stature as a developer that creates first-class townships and urban communities, aiding the promotion of tourism, propelling economic growth in the countryside, providing jobs, and developing sustainable infrastructure that are designed with the welfare of its residents in mind.
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Arden Botanical Village by the numbers
Arden Botanical Village Master Plan
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Arden Botanical Village Site


Arden Botanical Estate is designed to preserve and enrich the natural beauty of Cavite. A place where natural and man-made features blend in harmony that allow one to have a life surrounded by beauty and uplifted by purpose.

Tree-Lined Roads
Township Tram
Flower Farm
Flower Tunnels
Lotus Pond
Arden Botanical Village Little Botanist
Arden Botanical Village Water Feature
Welcome Pavilion
Arden Botanical Breathing Chapel


Front – 5 meters

Fronting a road – 5 meters
Not fronting a road – 2 meters

2-storey single dwelling house is encouraged.

Floor-to-floor of the ground level for 2-storey single dwelling house must be at least 3.2 meters.

Attic is allowed provided it is less than 50% of the area of the preceding floor One-storey with loft or attic can be allowed provided that the floor-to-floor height is at least 6 meters in height.

25% of lot area must be allocated to green spaces and shall exclusively be allocated for landscaping. This percentage excludes the deck, walkway, pool, driveway, slope protection, and other paved areas.

Two or more lots may be consolidated provided that these lots
are consolidated prior to construction; only one single detached
dwelling shall be constructed.

The single detached dwelling should be designed in a manner
that it will not look like as one massive structure. A facade break
should be introduced, particularly along the road. 

Consolidated lots shall observe restrictions like regular single lots.

A single lot may not be subdivided

Consolidated lots may be subdivided provided that:
– area of the resultant lot is not smaller than the smallest of
the original lots
– original number of lots is not increased
– all lots resulting from subdivision have street frontage for

Shall observe a minimum setback of 1 meter from the property line.

Back-of-the-house facilities such as laundry area, dirty kitchen, storage, etc. shall be located on 1 side of the house and along the same side of the carport and should be properly screened from public view.

Fences on these sides of the lot is optional.

If fence will be constructed:

Must not exceed 2 meters and should be a combination of solid material (max. 0.6m) and 100% see-through material for the rest of the fence; plantings and hedges are encouraged.

Lot owners will be allowed access to the designated access points to the parks. They may construct a gate but it must also be 100% see-through.

Fences on these sides of the lot is required.

Must not exceed 2 meters and should be a combination of solid material (max. 0.6m) and 100% see- through material for the rest of the fence; plantings and hedges are encouraged.

Scandinavian type of architecture is encouraged.

Single dwelling building only. Multiple dwellings such as duplexes, townhouses, and other similar structures are not allowed. However, a separate servant’s
quarter or garage may be built

Should be at least 6M per lot

House construction should start no later than 10 years after turnover of the lot.

House should be completed no later than 3 years from start of construction or release of permit to construct, whichever is earlier.

Allowed with provisions

Deep wells are not allowed within the lot. All lots shall be
connected to the main water facility of the subdivision.

Booster pumps directly connected to the water main are not allowed. However, booster pumps may be installed to draw water from a ground storage tank.

Cistern or underground water tank should either be at the interior sides or rear portion of lot observing a minimum setback of 1 meter from the property line.

Sewage disposal must be connected only to the 4-chamber septic tank, which is required to be built and must observe a 1 meter setback from the property line.

Drainage lines should be connected to subdivision drainage

Generator may be allowed provided that it does not exceed the 60KW capacity,  uses single phase connection, and housed in a sound-proof structure. Its exhaust should not directly and adversely affect neighboring house; should be located in the rear portion of the house, near the electrical panel box.

Allowed for lots wherein the natural level of the property is at least 2m below the top of the sidewalk fronting the property and shall follow setback restrictions.

May be located on the sides abutting another lot.

Must observe 1 meter setback from property line along the side/s facing the road.

Minimum dimension must be 3m x 6m for each car.

Balconies or terraces are not allowed on top of carport decks.

Fences are not allowed on the sides fronting the road.

A minimum of 50% of the frontage must be kept open; plantings and hedges are encouraged for the rest of the frontage.

Fences on these sides of the lot is optional.

If fence will be constructed:

Within the front setback, fence must not exceed 2 meters and should be a combination of solid material (max. 0.6m) and/or 100% see-through material for the rest of the height of the fence; plantings and hedges are encouraged.

The rest of the sides after the front setback should have a maximum height of 2 meters and may be constructed of full solid material or a combination of see-through material; plantings and hedges are encouraged.

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